but imagine while in bed alfred suggests the daddy kink and arthur just very quickly nopes his way off the bed and out of the room and out of the country


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I don’t get why people characterize England and China as blushy, stuttering ukes though. They’re bitter old people that complain about the ‘young people today’ and bicker with their family and spouses like there’s no fucking tomorrow, how the fuck can you…

Why aren't there fics about usuk going the ER like every fucking week because they try out new things in the bedroom and fuck up. Why isn't this a thing. Alfred probably fucks up in the bedroom /constantly/, don't you agree? Imagine the doctor that gets them often. Shakes his head all "not these two again"
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I’m going to leave this here for everyone to think about and enjoy because it’s perfect.

(Also I can just imagine Matthew and Ludwig being the past two doctors who just nopes out of the room the second time they’re admitted as their doctors and Francis would be the only one who tolerates them always with a really condescending look)(And Arthur would always be like, “it wasn’t me who suggested” but they all know he’s the kinkier one)(oops)

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